Wednesday, 28 May 2008

A Heavy Price Dithering Over Energy

Gordon Brown spoke of the UK's need to increase its nuclear power capacity by building plants in new locations. Addressing oil executives in Aberdeen, at a time when energy prices are soaring, Mr Brown said: "We want to do more to diversify our supply of energy and that's why I think we are pretty clear that we will have to do more than simply replace existing nuclear capability in Britain. We will be more ambitious for our plans for nuclear in the future."
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This is a damning testament of the high cost resulting from Labour's dithering. They have had over 10 years to prevent the current problem with our ageing energy supply and the burdening costs to the public. Sweet-talking the oil and gas industries to increase production will have very little effect on supplies nor prices. It will take years to build new power stations and they are only talking of proposals now!

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