Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Fathers Are Irrelevant Say MPs

In a 'free' vote, Government plans effectively declared fathers an irrelevance in modern Britain. Driving a nail into the coffin of the traditional family, MPs voted 292 to 217 to put the selfish interests of "consumers" wanting fertility treatment ahead of the welfare of children.
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This is absolute lunacy! It is not a 'right' to have a child nor are children commodities to be owned or traded. It is a curious notion that in some way opposing this move is denying human rights to gays and lesbians. Whatever happened to the right of the child coming first? In creating a child, the father can be written out of the equation once the biological necessity has been supplied. By doing so is to deceive the child as is what the law intends to do; it will be possible for two people of the same sex to be registered as parents on a birth certificate.

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