Tuesday, 6 February 2007


Statement of Principles of the Conservative Union

The Conservative Union:


1. Believes the United Kingdom must maintain a strong, highly-modernised defence capability ever vigilant and in readiness to protect the nation's interests both home and abroad against acts of aggression.


2. Believes that political freedom cannot exist without economic freedom; in that the market economy system, by the principles of supply and demand, is the only system compatible with preserving personal freedom and supplying human needs. When a government restricts this freedom through high taxation, and national debt and expenditure; this undermines economic prosperity, reducing growth and competition. In so much as taking from one man to give to another, erodes the incentive of the first, the integrity of the second, and the autonomy of both.


3. Believes high standards in education and discipline are only created through greater variety and choice through the autonomy from local authority control. These high standards are achieved by teaching the guiding principles and morals of the Christian faith whilst, at the same time, being tolerant of other faiths; and fostering a cultural sense of identity and national pride in the United Kingdom’s history and heritage.


4. Believes the elected European national governments should co-operate together on issues where there is voluntary, common agreement without the legal supremacy of the European Union over its member countries.


5. Believes foreign policy must promote the United Kingdom's economic power and influence internationally; and build good relations with all foreign countries that support Britain's interests throughout the world.


6. Believes that every human being has the right to the essential freedoms under just laws, determined by democratically-elected representatives; it being the purpose of that legitimate government to protect those freedoms through the preservation of internal order, the provision of national defence and the administration of justice.

7. Believes that it is the responsibility of the individual, whenever his inherent rights are threatened, to join together with other individuals to protect these rights, or, when they have been temporarily lost, to regain them. A belief in this supports a commitment to assist those countries to retain democracy or to attain it by force, if necessary; after all diplomatic and economic means have been exhausted.


8. Believes the state must be reformed to provide efficient quality care and support to those in most need; with the Government supporting more private insurance and investment schemes, especially for migrants, to reduce its size and cost. Doing so would reduce the dependency on state services and the strain on the public purse; reducing the fraudulent claims of those not entitled to, or have no real need to, state aid.


9. Believes in processing all applications immediately; with those found to be bogus or illegal deported without delay; those seeking British citizenship, after five years residency, must be filling a skills gap and be able to demonstrate a knowledge of British customs and history using English as a first language. If, during those five years, any immigrant is convicted of a criminal offence they should be denied British citizenship and deported immediately.


10. Believes all Police forces in the United Kingdom should enforce a zero tolerance policy to reduce repeat offending, and prevent minor crimes leading to more serious offences; the legal protection of the rights of law-abiding citizens taking precedent over any of those who break the law and should the British public wish it so; re-introduce corporal and capital punishment for serious crimes and so-called 'career criminals'.